Group Ordering

Ever volunteered to place the lunch order at work? Bet you didn't make that mistake twice! That's because placing a group lunch or dinner order can be frustrating and time consuming. Lucky for you Five Star Home Delivery's new group ordering feature provides an ideal solution to this problem.

Benefits Include:

Ideal For:

  • Coworkers
  • Business Meetings
  • Families
  • Friends
  • Teams
  • Clubs & Organizations

How Do I Place A Group Order?

Placing a group order has never been easier.

  1. Step One - If you have not already done it sign up for an account to begin the process.
  2. Step Two - Click on "My Account" then the "Office Orders" link on the left.
  3. Step Three - Type a name for your group and click "Create New Group"
  4. Step Four - Add members to the group with their email addresses then click on "Start New Order". If you have large amounts of emails you can do a Bulk Member Upload. The email addresses are required as each group member will be sent and invitation to join the group order. The Phone Number and Employee ID is optional. 
  5. Step Five - Review the members in the group then click "Start Order".
  6. Step Six - Provide us with a delivery address for your group order.
  7. Step Seven - Choose a "Delivery Time" and a  "Cut Off Time" for group members to order. Also schedule the time to send out the email to group members. Then click "Save Time Settings"
  8. Step Eight - Choose the restaurant/s you want to order from. You can order from as many restaurants that you want but there will be a per restaurant delivery fee applied to the order.
  9. Step Nine - Choose how group order will be paid. Here you can choose whether you want to pay for the whole order, individuals in the group pay for their own order or you pay but set a budget. If the members go over the budget the system will subtract the budget amount from the order and will offer the member the option to pay the balance themselves. Here you also have the option to tip the driver if you would like. Please note that if you are adding a new card here you will need to put BM in the state field in order to continue.
  10. Step Ten - Review your group order and click "Send Invitations".
Once you have sent invitations you can check on how many people have ordered by clicking on "Manage Group Order". This will show you who has ordered and who has not. Once every one has ordered all that is left is to complete the order and you are done.

Note: If you have a large amount of emails to input and do not have time to manage your group order we can do it for you for free. If you would like to email your group order to us and not use our group ordering system there will be a $30 order processing fee added to te order.

Don't stress with your next office order let us show you how easy office orders can be. Start your order below.